Bariatric surgery may be the best tool to make you happier and healthier, but keep in mind that this is only a tool.

You will be the key to make it a success in the long term, and there will be many challenges along the way.

  • To maintain weight loss and improved health, bariatric diet and exercise program on weight loss surgery will require a lifetime commitment. If it does not comply with the program, the weight will increase.
  • The results of bariatric surgery will not appear overnight. Your lowest weight normally would not be achieved within 1 to 3 years.
  • After reaching the lowest point, you may experience a slight weight gain again.
  • Relationships with family and friends may be changed because they are not familiar with “your new self”.
  • The desire to eat unhealthy foods may or may not be lost after the surgery (such as gastric bypass surgery danduodenal malabsorptif switches tend to reduce appetite more than a restrictive procedure). If you succumb to the desire, it will reduce a chance to achieve weight loss goals and increase the risk of complications.
  • The skin will not be able to “follow” rapid weight loss and dramatic happens after surgery, this will make the skin look loose. This sagging skin can be difficult when dressing and exercise, and can cause rashes or skin damage if not treated. You may also consider it unsightly If this becomes a problem for you, consult with a plastic surgeon to remove loose skin.

How to remain strong and steadfast in carrying out all the processes: the most important thing, is to keep in touch with a team of surgeons and actively participate in a support group weight loss surgery. Some research suggests that doing so significantly increases the chances of success in the long term.

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